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Be the change you wish to see in the world.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

With the current state of economic affairs, it's not surprising that the business world has adopted a shrewd profit margin and bottom line approach to business. If it doesn't make money, it doesn't work and gets tossed away for a newer, better concept. Corporate America has created such a distance between itself and the consumer that we often wonder whose interest is actually being served and protected. Even in smaller business venues, such as the home-based business arena, we are seeing signs of a similar attitude.

Many of us are trying so hard to make money - and make it fast - that we are not concerned with the financial state of anyone else. Dog-Eat-Dog. Separation. Limitation. This is how we were raised. This is what we have been taught in schools across the nation. This notion has been so ingrained in us that it seems ludicrous to even consider how helping another person become financially secure and wealthy is the smartest and fastest way to ensure our own wealth.

The truth is, helping others get what they want does help you get what you want - tenfold!

The natural laws of the universe supports this very concept: Give away to another that which you wish to have for yourself. This speaks volumes to the wondrous and abundant universe that we live in. This simple yet profound act says: "I have that which I seek" (faith), and "I want others to have the same" (love), which activates more of the same in your life experience.

You get what you give!

There are so many who feel that it is necessary to hoard wealth and are afraid to share it or allow it to circulate and flow in their lives. Instead, they squander and horde wealth, which we feel sends an opposite message to the universe: "I feel lack and there is not enough to go around. I want it all for myself." This creates more lack, limitation, and fear of loss, and in turn attracts more of the same, which makes the experience seem more real as they are in a constant fight to beat everyone else. Often times these people feel lost; these people feel afraid; we actually want the same things, we all do, and want to find the way to a freer existence.

The power for positive change lies within the individual.

We are abundant by nature. I am, YOU are, someone like Microsoft's Bill Gates is, and even a homeless person living on the street. Nothing is intrinsically different between you and me; at our core we are ALL ONE, we come from the same source. The only difference between us is the way we think, the actions we take daily and the individual vibration we activate and carry with us. Take a moment to listen! What is your inner voice saying to you? Is that voice empowering you? Or is that voice hurting you?

The good news is YOU have the power to change! We all do! And the power to change lies WITHIN every single person on this planet.

It is time travel to the EDGE of what we feel is real or possible... we need to faithfully JUMP - AND FLY!


E and D
We intend to EMPOWER you with ever-evolving, high-end, high-quality, state-of-the-art, result-producing tools, which are not commonly found in the home-based business arena.

But most importantly, we wish to EMPOWER you by example.

We intend to shine a light into this world where a light has never shone before. This is Business with Heart. This is business with love and care for our fellow human beings.

It's an existence of giving, sharing and helping each other succeed!

"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest
by helping others to succeed."
~ Napoleon Hill

A new way of business is emerging in our world, and we at Flying Man Productions / Enagic® Web System are dedicated to being the change and bringing a new light into the lives of many.

You too can create a life experience of wealth, abundance, success, and joy while developing a deep-rooted and peaceful state of being. We want this for you, we want this for us, and we want this for our world.

Begin with us and we will set the example. Believe in yourself


When you join us here at the Enagic® Web System Community, you join our family of thousands of Enagic® distributors worldwide.

After you join you'll quickly experience our "Family-Helping-Family"vibration that is truly unique. With EWS, you are never alone.