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The E8 Website

Kangen Ukon DD Opportunity


The latest addition, recently released! This website is solely focused on expressing the power of Ukon Tumeric supplement and the Enagic Distributorship.

The new Ukon DD program (available in USA only) enables people to become a distributor for Kangen and Ukon, while getting them on to an autoship of nature's most potent healing herb! A great marketing angle to compliment your other website strategies!

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The E7 Website

The Commercial Site

This website is great for: PROMOTING TO BUSINESSES

Now you have the right tool to take your business to the commercial market!

This site presents a sleek and smooth interface with a focus on the Secret Sauce DVD that is sure to win over your commercial prospects! If you want to sell to restaurants and spas you won't want to be without this gem!

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The E6 Website

Eco-Friendly Kangen Water

This website is great for: ECO-CONSCIOUS PROSPECTS

The E6 was developed from head to toe with focus on how Kangen Water can help people live a greener, healthier life.

This site is not only GORGEOUS, but it was developed using the latest web technologies, giving the visitor a very FLUID experience. All functionality and animations were built with javascript making it fully compatible on all browsing devices!

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The E5 Website

Business Focused Presentation

This website is great for: HOME-BUSINESS SEEKERS

The E5 was designed to fulfill the need to market the Enagic Business Opportunity in a tasteful and entertaining manner.

With a tour-like interface, and powerful videos, we take your website visitor through the founding philosophy of Enagic: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, and Healthy Finance equals the total life balance that brings freedom, peace and happiness to one's life.

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The E4 Website

Prospect Generator

This website is great for: COLD INTERNET TRAFFIC

This site's entire purpose is to tease with light information so that the website visitor is enticed to request your ebook, free dvd, or newsletter. This site is for those looking to convert cold internet traffic into interested prospects.

This website is highly recommend for internet advertising. Sending health-related web surfers to this website will generate interested prospects at a very solid ratio. The entire Infinity Marketing Cooperative was based on this website, and as such, has been proven effective for converting internet traffic into interested prospects.

This website should be used in conjunction with E2 (product info) and E5 (biz info) for the best results.

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The E2 Website - Multilingual!

Direct Product Information & Multilingual Capable

This website is great for: TEASED PROSPECTS

Teased prospects are those whom have been given just enough information to pique their interest. They are hungry for more, and the E2 delivers!

As such, the primary purpose of this website is to give clear and direct product information. This site is also engineered to be used independently, as it also provides a light introduction to Kangen Water.

This site is the only site capable of multiple languages. Currently there is French, Spanish, and German as additional add-ons to this site.

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The E1 Website

Light Teaser

This website is great for: LIGHT INTRODUCTION

This is a single page website, offering videos with introductory information about Kangen Water.

It is recommend that this website be used in conjunction with E2 and E5 for a complete information experience. Introduce your prospect to the E1 website, then the E2 for product info, then if they show interest in the business, to the E5.

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E8 - Kangen Ukon


E7 - Commercial


E6 - Eco-Friendly


E5 - Business


E4 - The Teaser


E2 - Product Info


E1 - Introducer

A Successful Business Starts with the Right Tools

Backoffice Systems

Backoffice Systems

Everything you need to engage your prospects and manage your Enagic business can be found in the user-friendly Backoffice.

Exceptional Support

Exceptional Support

The support staff at Enagic Web System is here for you 12 hours a day, 5 days a week to ensure every questions you have is answered.

Prospect Manager

Prospect Manager

Enagic Web System's revolutionary, customizable Prospect Manager keeps your database of prospects organized and in one place.



Once a prospect requests information from your website, emails are automatically sent to them to introduce your Enagic business.

Real-Time Live Help

Real-Time Live Help

Be there when your prospect needs you by giving them the ability to contact you through the LiveHelp feature on your website.

Vast Audio Library

Vast Audio Library

Search, listen, and learn using the audio library. Create links to the audio files for your prospects to help share the power of Kangen Water®.

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